Sewing Classes for All Ages, All Levels

Here are some of the things that make us unique!

  • No student will be left behind. Students who come to our classes enjoy the leisurely atmosphere where emphasis is always on their individual pace.
  • We have a variety of class times available. Regardless of class choice, each student will be able to fit sewing into their busy schedule.
  • We do not require students to purchase from us. We have fabric and notions available for sale, but it's more important that you love what you're working on than where you got the supplies. If a student has their own "stash" or sees a fabric elsewhere that they can't resist, they're welcome to use it in class!
  • Because our program is on-going, projects can always be finished. No "UFOs" to add to the pile from other classes where all materials were purchased but not used due to that particular class ending.
  • Students are able to choose their own projects after completing the short Basic Program.
  • We are flexible. If a student has another obligation - no problem, no charge. Likewise, if a student is in a rush to complete a project, she can schedule extra classes to finish.
  • Sewing machines and all necessary equipment are available to every student without charge.

I'm confident there is no other sewing program that can give you all the benefits and knowledge of Sew Unique by Jackie. We are always happy to see new faces, so don't wait! Register Today!